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Google replaced Google Cloud CEO ‘Diane Greene’ with Thomas Kurian



Diane Greene, who was hired a three years ago by Google to run Google Cloud Business has been unexpectedly replaced with Thomas Kurian an ex-executive of Oracle.

Greene who co-founded and runs VMware has been leading the enterprise sales team in which she locked many business contracts including the deals from Spotify and Snap, but failed to top the cloud business market, which made Google choose an alternative to her who can boost the Google Cloud Business.

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Google on Friday, said that “Kurian will join the Google Cloud on Nov 26 and will take the charge by early 2019, until then Greene will remain as the CEO of the business.

Google added “Greene, a director of Google parent company Alphabet since 2012 will stay on board.”

Thomas Kurian who spent more than two decades at Oracle as the president of product development, resigned from the company a month before he wrote an email to its employees stating that he is taking an “extended time off” in September.

A source familiar with this matter also said that “The replacement of Diane Greene, maybe the part of an internal and external outcry over a controversial Department of Defence contract which happens earlier this year.

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Which led several thousand employees to sign a petition urging Sundar Pichai to keep Google out of the “business war,” in which many employees resigned in the protest too.


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