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Telecom sector has high expectations from the 2023 budget: Gaurav Gandhi, CEO of Echelon Edge



Speaking on the Union Budget 2023 expectations, Gaurav Gandhi, Founder & CEO of Echelon Edge has emphasized the crucial role of the telecom sector in the country’s growth and development and expressed hope for the nationwide rollout of 5G.

Gandhi urged the government to minimize the import of telecom components and focus on investing in R&D and manufacturing to boost the domestic telecom industry and has called for incentive schemes to encourage the “Make in India” drive and innovation, as well as reductions in license fees and duty exemptions on key telecom equipment.

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Furthermore, Gandhi sought duty exemptions on key telecom equipment, input tax credits against GST paid on telecom towers, and a reduction in GST rates, to reduce the financial burden on telecom service providers and passive infrastructure providers. He also called for stimulus packages to be introduced in the budget to enable the penetration and proliferation of telecom services in rural areas, thereby fulfilling the dream of a Digital India.

Gandhi also highlighted the need for smooth and lucrative reforms for 5G rollouts, so that technology firms do not face any hindrances in acquiring private networks. He also expressed hope for incentives to promote new technologies that increase efficiency in the sector.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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