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Behind Kid’s Footwear Innovation: Aretto CEO Satyajit Mittal On Balancing Style and Foot Health in Kid’s Shoes



In this interview, Satyajit Mittal CEO & Co-Founder of Aretto sat down with TechGraph to understand how Aretto is striking a balance between style, and foot health in their kids’ footwear, and how the company is strategically delivering captivating designs to ensure durability and quality that meet both children’s and parents’ expectations.

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TechGraph: Aretto has positioned itself as a prominent kids’ footwear provider. Could you elaborate on the company’s mission and how you aim to address young customers’ specific needs?

Satyajit Mittal: Aretto designs shoes that grow with the child’s feet. Due to the rapid growth of kids, shoe sizes change by as much as 3 sizes in a year at an early age.

At Aretto, our mission is to alleviate these concerns and deliver adaptable shoes that are a bliss to kids’ feet and also promote their cognitive & sensory development. We want to bring boundless joy to every child’s stride.

TechGraph: With the growing concern for children’s foot health and comfort, what innovative features or design elements does Aretto incorporate into their footwear to ensure optimal support and development?

Satyajit Mittal: Aretto prioritizes securing the natural foot shape of children, omitting conventional features like toe spring, gap, and heel raise. With a 3D adaptive fit and knitted upper, they hug the feet like a sock, while the adaptable sole accommodates unique foot shapes which allows unrestricted growth and lasting comfort.

Satyajit Mittal: Aretto Leaps postpone obsolescence and provide better foot health to kids. This adaptive fit cohesively allows sustained comfort and unrestricted growth to the child.

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The pull strap loops allow the mouth to widen while wearing the shoes or taking them off, giving an easy on-and-off experience. Our strategically curated color palette adds playfulness to the shoes which fascinates kids.

TechGraph: Sustainability has become a key focus in the fashion and footwear industry in recent years. Can you tell us about Aretto’s commitment to sustainability and any initiatives taken to reduce the environmental impact of your kids’ footwear?

Satyajit Mittal: The primary impact we have created is reducing the number of SKUs by optimizing the industry sizing benchmarks of 18 sizes to 6 sizes. We also prioritize planet positivity with eco-friendly manufacturing practices like additive manufacturing and optimized SKU split to minimize waste and obsolescence.

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TechGraph: As the market for kids’ footwear continues to evolve, what strategies does Aretto have to adapt and stay ahead of competitors? Are there any plans to expand the product range or explore new markets in the future?

Satyajit Mittal: At Aretto, we stay ahead by continuously observing market trends and customer feedback. Our strategy includes expanding our product range of “functional” designs. Aretto is eagerly venturing into untapped markets worldwide, introducing an expanded range of kid’s footwear.

Satyajit Mittal: Aretto provides a seamless online shopping experience for parents by providing round-the-clock assistance through social media, WhatsApp, and our Shopify platform.

Our expert consultation ensures accurate shoe size checks, while last-mile updates keep customers informed from order placement to delivery. With a hassle-free return and exchange policy within 14 days, we also provide a 1-year warranty against any quality or manufacturing defects.

TechGraph: Aretto has a strong online presence, but are there any plans to establish physical retail stores or collaborate with other retailers to enhance accessibility and provide a more hands-on experience for customers interested in your kids’ footwear?

Satyajit Mittal: Aretto has been actively engaging in on-ground events, having hosted over 30+ captivating experiences. The phenomenal feedback received has deepened our understanding of our audience and reinforced our pre-set commitment to unwavering quality assurance. With a remarkable trial-to-conversion ratio of 55%, our growing success pave the way to captivate the physical retail space and serve our valued customers on the ground.

TechGraph: Lastly, what sets Aretto apart from other kids’ footwear brands in terms of quality, design, and customer experience? How do you envision the company’s future growth and contribution to the industry?

Satyajit Mittal: At Aretto, we focus on functionality, sustainability, and superior quality. Our patented GFA Award-winning technology ensures ergonomically designed shoes for growing kids. We manufacture in Grade A facilities, implementing rigorous quality assurance protocols. Eliminating the need for manual intervention, our innovative design seamlessly accommodates growing sizes we enhance the customer experience through size check calls, easy exchange and return policies, and a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.


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