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Uber to experiment with intra-city buses, quadricycles, electric scooters and auto-rickshaws in India



A U.S. based ride-hailing Uber Technologies may soon start intra-city buses, quadricycles, scooters and auto-rickshaws service in India.

In an interview with Business Standard, Uber’s India and South Asia President Pradeep Parameswaran said that “Uber technologies are experimenting with intra-city buses, electric scooters and auto-rickshaws in India, with the plan to expand its presence from 36 cities to 50 (In India and South Asia) cities by the year-end.”

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Parameswaran said, “The company will add the capacity only if there is a more demand to absorb it and which is good for the environment.”

He added, “We hadn’t gone to many cities before because we had a limited relevance here, but now we have a diversified portfolio which will help us to bring multi-modal transportation options.”

Talking with the BS, he said: “In Trichy, Uber only offers auto-rickshaws and no cars and also expects to add more auto-rickshaws riders than the car in Sri Lanka.”

The report added, “The company is also planning to experiment electric two and three wheeler’s in India.”

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Business Standard also reported “Globally, the ride-sharing service providers have discovered that one out of four riders who hire a non-electric two-wheeler are women. This is a prompting it to study the possibility of bringing Jump a two-wheeler EV manufacturer in India.”

Parameswaran added “We are exploring high capacity 12 or 30-40 seater vehicles. Some of the routes will be fixed, but for others, we will use technology to have variable routes based on demand.”

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