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Texas Woman Sues Facebook, Accused the Site of Enabling Sex Trade



A woman from Texas, claiming that she was raped, beaten, and sex trafficked at the age of 15 by a person that posed as a Facebook friend, has filed a lawsuit against the social media giant, accusing the site of knowing that minors are lured into the sex trade through Facebook.

The woman, identified as Jane Doe has filed a case in Harris County District Court on Monday. The defendants also include the already shuttered ads website Backpage.com and its founders.

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As per the lawsuit, the woman was friended on Facebook in 2012 by a user who seemed to know many of her real-life friends. The man interacted with her and their interaction culminated into a grotesque state of affairs wherein Jane was trafficked in a sex trade.

There hasn’t been any official response from the social media giant yet. This has come at a time when Facebook is clobbered by one lawsuit after the other. Admittedly, it is a testing time for the social media firm, and it would be interesting to see how Facebook sails through the narrow.


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Krishna Mali
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