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Facebook to set up 24×7 election response team ahead of Lok Sabha 2019 election



Ahead of the General Lok Sabha Elections, Social Media Giant Facebook Inc is planning to set up a 24hr response team to monitor objectionable content on the go.

In an interview with the Economic Times, Facebook’s director for product management for civil integrity, Samidh Chakrabarti said that “The work we are doing over here is so important that we have staffed a dedicated product team for the Indian elections over a year ago in the US.”

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The announcement from Facebook has come at a time when the Election Commission of India (EC) has recently said that “The model code of conduct will also be applied on the social media sites.”

Samidh added that “This is extremely unusual for a product team to have any part of their dedicated team to a specific country which let alone a specific event in a country, but we thought that it was really important.”

“Facebook social media team will operate from Singapore and will close work with the Election Commission of India,” he added.

Talking on, how the response team will work, Samidh told that “The inputs from the poll panel and other institutions will receive first to the Facebook’s team in Delhi than the Delhi team will pass the information to the election response center in Singapore.”

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“If something extremely complicated requires a change in the product or the critical decision making than the Singapore team will pass the information to the operation center in Menlo Park California.”

Taking more on this, Samidh to the publication that “During the US elections, our operation center was able to resolve about 900 high priority issues, as we wanted to build on this model and extend it globally.”

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