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Cyberattack on Facebook’s Server Exposes 50 million User Information

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The social media giant Facebook, which has already been facing heat over privacy violation, has unraveled on Friday that a malicious attack on its server has rendered nearly 50 million user information vulnerable.

This security breach is the largest in the company’s fourteen years of existence. As per officials at Facebook, the attackers exploited a feature in the Facebook’s code to access the user accounts and eventually take control of them.

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The news has come at the worst time, especially when the social media firm is grappling with lawsuits due to privacy violations. Senior executives of the firm have testified on several occasions in the congressional hearing where the law enforcers have suggested the firm tighten its data security measures.

In an official statement, Facebook has assured that it has fixed the vulnerabilities as notified by lawmakers, however, the officials could not track the identity and origin of the attackers. Facebook has started a full-fledged investigation and has assured that the culprits will be put behind bars soon.

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