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Apple’s first ever dual-sim iPhone



The Indian Apple users are in for a treat as the leading smartphone manufacturer introduces its first-ever dual SIM variant. In a press release dated 12th September 2018, Apple unveiled that all the new iPhones (XS, XS Max, and XR) will support two SIM cards.

This move is a refreshing change and is bound to alter the marketing dynamics of iPhones in India. Admittedly, the introduction of dual SIM features is going to attract new customers despite its exorbitant pricing.

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The dual-SIM feature, however, comes with a catch. Instead of having slots for two SIM cards, the new iPhones have eSIM technology that eliminates the need for physical SIM cards. Both eSIMs will support 4G connectivity and will have simultaneous operability. The eSIM technology, however, would not be available in China, where the mobile device will come with SIM card slots.

More on eSIM Technology

eSIM is the abbreviation of an embedded subscriber identity module. Through an eSIM, the telecom operator can directly offer you services through a virtual medium, therefore eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. The SIM, in actuality, is soldered on the iPhone’s motherboard and acts as the virtual equivalent of its physical counterpart. Since eSIM technology has got approval from the Department of Telecommunication, it is expected that the ensuing versions of the iPhone, too, will carry this technology.

In conclusion, the brand-new dual SIM-powered iPhone is expected to elevate its customer base in the Indian market, thereby taking its global fame to another level.

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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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