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DeepTek Gets FDA Approval For Its AI-powered Chest X-ray Screening Solution



DeepTek, an AI-powered radiology solutions provider has said, its chest X-ray screening solution, Genki TM, has received approval from the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Genki TM leverages cutting-edge AI technology to classify scans as normal and abnormal along with further analyzing over 19 different chest pathologies.

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By automating the interpretation of chest X-rays, Genki TM offers immense potential for improving medical diagnosis and treatment efficiency for lung diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung cancer, and chronic pulmonary diseases, all of which pose significant health challenges globally.

DeepTek’s solutions have made a substantial impact across the Asia Pacific region serving over 400 customers including government bodies, public and private hospitals, imaging centers, and teleradiology companies.

Genki TM has already been serving as a lung health screening solution in India and the Philippines and has been instrumental in the ongoing TB Free initiatives in India, where over 300,000 individuals were screened, significantly increasing the detection rate of TB patients, and helping in early identification and timely patient care. Taking India, a step closer to a TB-free future!

The solution’s effectiveness is backed by independent evaluations conducted by esteemed organizations like Stop TB Partnership, Friends for International TB, and several others across the globe, which shows that the performance of AI is at par with human experts.

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DeepTek is actively collaborating with leading hospitals and medical institutions across Thailand to integrate its AI solutions into their existing radiology workflows. The seamless integration of its technology ensures that healthcare providers can benefit from the power of AI without disrupting their established processes, paving the way for widespread adoption and market expansion.

Commenting on the Thai FDA approval, Ajit Patil, Co-Founder of DeepTek, said “Thailand has gained a reputation for offering excellent medical resources and healthcare services by thinking ahead of time. The recent approval from the Thai regulatory body testifies to the readiness of the country to adopt AI into their healthcare services. We are happy to have partnered with leading healthcare providers in Thailand and be backed by Shimadzu Asia Pacific. We look forward to tapping vast opportunities in Thailand and beyond.”

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Krishna Mali
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