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Ninjacart, Avanti Finance to set up Innovative Credit Products Focused On The Agri Value Chain



Ninjacart, India’s leading agri-platform which leverages technology to organize the agriculture ecosystem, has expanded its capabilities within the agri-tech space championing digital financial inclusivity through a strategic partnership with Avanti Finance. Through this newly forged alliance, Ninjacart and Avanti Finance will work to provide easy access to credit products as well as leverage unique technology capabilities and resources for the upliftment of the agri value chain community.

The agri community heavily relies on informal lending as a large portion of this population remains underserved by the banks or the NBFCs. Through this partnership Ninjacart and Avanti, will co-create and make available relevant credit products to the Agri community at a reasonable cost, thereby helping them manage their cash flow, improve their working capital and alleviate their financial hardships.

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The combination of the digital-first approach of Avanti Finance with data insights provided by Ninjacart will be a driving force in introducing innovative lending-defined products focused on the agri value chain. The vision is to build a platform that will be compliant with OCEN- Open Credit Enablement Network for secured credit information flow. With a first-of-its-kind infrastructure and a D2D2C (digital-to-digital-to-consumer) model, this partnership will enable smooth credit transactions, allowing for the development of tailored loan solutions based on cash flow data from agri-players.

Stressing the need of providing easy financing, Thirukumaran Nagarajan, CEO & Co-Founder of Ninjacart, said ‘‘Ninjacart endeavors to streamline the whole agri-ecosystem benefiting all agri-players across the food supply chain, allowing them to utilize the infrastructure to its full potential. Partnership with Avanti Finance is a perfect example of how together we can add value to the agriculture ecosystem by bringing respective strengths. The financing will give the agri community more freedom, allowing them to make the best decisions for their benefit. We plan to augment the potential of this partnership further by extending credit facilities to the ecosystem’s agri-participants such as traders, food growers, producers, farmers, and retail outlets’’.

Commenting on the partnership, Manish Thakker, COO of Avanti Finance, said ‘‘Avanti’s partnership with Ninjacart is another step to providing cashflow-linked financial services to the un/underserved segment and infuse digital financial inclusion in the agri-value chain ecosystem. This is an example of how seamless collaboration among existing networks can provide financing options that are reasonable to end-users, helping them build sustainable livelihoods.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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