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Gudi Padwa 2023: Plan for your Future with Higher FD Rates by Bajaj Finance



It is a great idea to assess your investments and set new yearly financial goals as the new fiscal year draws near. A risk-reducing secure investment alternative should be included in every investment portfolio in addition to high-earning market-linked instruments. With so many investing options on the market, planning can be difficult. You must consider your risk tolerance, financial objectives, need for liquidity, the security of the investment instrument, etc.

Fixed deposits (FDs) are a wise investment choice that does not fluctuate with the market, allowing you to increase your funds with no risk. An excellent investment option that provides secure and significant returns on deposits is the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit.

With a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit, you can take advantage of both excellent interest rates and flexibility.

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Why is FD a wise investment option for the future

Investing in FDs ensures stable returns, making it a wise option for efficient future planning. Fixed deposit returns are not reliant on market fluctuations, which make it a lucrative option for investors with low-risk appetite. The interest rates on FDs stay constant throughout the tenure and allows one to estimate the actual returns beforehand.

With FDs, investors can choose among monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and early payout options. Alternatively, they can also receive the entire amount, both principal and interest, at the end of tenure. This is beneficial as investors can select a preferable payout option based on their requirements. FDs also allow investors to raise a loan against their investments when they are in urgent need of funds.

What are the strategies to maximise earnings from FDs

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There are numerous strategies that investors can adopt to book FDs at high-interest FD rates. This ensures maximised returns from their investments. Some of these strategies include:

  • Financial institutions such as Bajaj Finance offer higher interest rates on special tenures. These usually include 15, 18, 22, 30, 33, and 44 months. Investors can select these tenures to maximise the returns from their investments.

  • FD is one of the most suitable options for long-term investments. On selecting longer tenures, investors can receive higher interest rates on their deposits. Thus, they can fulfil their far-fetched financial goals from their FD investments.

  • Investors have the flexibility of selecting cumulative or non-cumulative payout options while booking an FD. Although the non-cumulative payout option allows investors to receive money periodically, the cumulative option can churn higher returns in the long run. To get a clear idea about this, they can use an online FD calculator to optimise the factors for maximum returns.

  • Financial institutions including Bajaj Finance offer 0.25% higher than regular FD rates to senior citizens. Thus, investors can consider opening an FD account in their parents name to increase their returns from the investment.

The following table will help investors to get a clear idea of how selecting a longer FD investment tenure can maximise your returns.

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Special tenures in months

Cumulative interest rates for customers below 60 years

Cumulative interest rates for customers above 60 years













Once investors decide their strategy for maximising their income, they can proceed to check the eligibility criteria before beginning with the FD investment process.

Who can invest in fixed deposits

To book an FD with Bajaj Finance, an investor must be an Indian citizen. Furthermore, the following groups are also eligible for FD investments:

  • Partnership firms and companies

  • Sole proprietorship

  • Hindu undivided families

  • Clubs and associations

  • Societies and family trusts

Also, investors should keep their PAN card and KYC documents ready to enter the details correctly while investing in FD.

How easy is it to start investing in FDs

Interested investors can visit the official website of their preferred financial institution and navigate to the FD investment page. As most renowned financial organisations allow online opening of fixed deposits, investors can easily fill up the application form on the website.

Next, investors need to enter certain mandatory details accurately. Once done, they can transfer the funds through internet banking, UPI, or NEFT to open the FD.

With such of investing and all the lucrative features on offer, fixed deposit schemes have become a popular investment choice among risk averse investors. However, individuals must do a proper background check before selecting a financial institution. Financial companies such as Bajaj Finance enjoy CRISIL AAA/STABLE and [ICRA]AAA(Stable), which ensures the maximum safety of your invested funds.

About Bajaj Finance Limited

Bajaj Finance Ltd. (‘BFL‘, ‘Bajaj Finance‘, or ‘the Company‘), a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv Ltd., is a deposit taking Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC-D) registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and is classified as an NBFC-Investment and Credit Company (NBFC-ICC). BFL is engaged in the business of lending and acceptance of deposits. It has a diversified lending portfolio across retail, SMEs, and commercial customers with significant presence in both urban and rural India. It accepts public and corporate deposits and offers a variety of financial services products to its customers. BFL, a thirty-five-year-old enterprise, has now become a leading player in the NBFC sector in India and on a consolidated basis, it has a franchise of 66.05 million customers. BFL has the highest domestic credit rating of AAA/Stable for long-term borrowing, A1+ for short-term borrowing, and CRISIL AAA/Stable & [ICRA]AAA(Stable) for its FD program. It has a long-term issuer credit rating of BB+/Positive and a short-term rating of B by S&P Global ratings.

To know more, visit www.bajajfinserv.in.


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