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Orchestrating the Future of Logistics and Supply Chain: An Interview with Deven Pabaru, CBO of Stellar Value Chain



In an interview with Deven Pabaru, Chief Business Officer of Stellar Value Chain Solution talked about the company’s innovative and forward-thinking approach to supply chain orchestration, and how emerging technologies and custom apps are driving efficiency and effectiveness in logistics operations and supply chain management.

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TechGraph: How does Stellar Value Chain leverage technology and innovation to optimize logistics and supply chain processes? Are there any specific examples of cutting-edge technologies being used?

Deven Pabaru: Stellar Value Chain leverages all emerging technologies and is a pioneer in implementing them. We are a tech-enabled operations company and technology apps are used to enhance speed and attain 100% accuracy in all facets of our operations. This improves our service and cost performance.

We are the first company that has migrated everything to the cloud. Orchestration of the supply chain is what we do. WMS, TMS, ERP, and Apps are some of the elements deployed. Customized apps are created for specific solutions.

TechGraph: In today’s rapidly changing business environment, how does Stellar Value Chain adapt to emerging logistics and supply chain trends and technologies?

Deven Pabaru: At Stellar, we experiment and learn constantly. Application and implementation are our reality. We learn from all our operating environments and collaborate with our customers and vendor partners. We work with new start-ups and try out different use cases. Successful ones are implemented and scaled.

TechGraph: What measures does Stellar Value Chain take to ensure goods security and safety throughout the supply chain?

Deven Pabaru: We have created world-class infrastructure across the country which is facilitated and managed. We have 6,000 pairs of eyes and 5,000 security cameras which monitor the operation 24×7 through our control tower. Our WMS, TMS, loading/unloading apps, and other operations ensure smooth, efficient, and safe operations. We have tech-based monitoring and exception-based response teams. We have dedicated SLP (Security and Loss Prevention) teams spread across the country and oversee everything 24×7, 365 days a year.

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TechGraph: Sustainability and environmental impact are critical considerations in logistics. Can you elaborate on Stellar Value Chain’s approach to sustainability and any initiatives undertaken to reduce the carbon footprint or promote responsible practices?

Deven Pabaru: Stellar Value Chain takes pride in being ahead of the curve and signed the Net Zero agreement a long time ago. Our infrastructure is housed in modern logistics parks with proper waste management systems, RO plants, and solar energy.

We are strong advocates of green buildings which is why our warehouses are constructed with ample natural light and ventilation. We use battery-operated equipment instead of fossil fuel. We have also embarked on the EV bandwagon. WMS, TMS, and digital apps to minimize paper use.

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Techgraph: What is Stellar Value Chain’s vision for the future as the logistics and supply chain industry continues to evolve? Are there any upcoming projects or initiatives that you are excited about?

Deven Pabaru: At Stellar Value Chain, Think Big is part of our DNA. Additionally, we are committed to building bigger and better infrastructure, upgrading and acquiring newer technology, better vehicles, low-code programming, an ecosystem of partnerships, and EV and solar energy. Last but not least, young, trained human capital from engineering backgrounds are associated with the organization’s future vision.


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