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How Workctrl’s hybrid workspace management solution is helping organizations?



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The workspace management landscape is changing. The advent of advanced data analytics, demand for connectivity and collaboration, adoption of cloud-based applications, and a focus on sustainability are raising the demands and expectations of companies, and conventional workspaces are no longer a priority.

Today, workspaces need to be more than offices where employees would come to work each day. Instead, employees expect their workspaces to be hybrid, giving them the flexibility to work remotely and from the office, helping them champion collaboration and boosting their productivity.

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Let’s take a closer look at how Hybrid Workspace Management Solutions by Workctrl are helping organizations and employees adopt digital transformation even more actively than before.

What is a Hybrid Workspace?

A hybrid workspace means a workplace that allows someone to split their work between home and the office, and it’s gaining popularity among employers and workers in the post-pandemic era. The Remote Employee Experience Index found that 72% of respondents prefer a hybrid model.

Hybrid workplace solutions

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The right mix of on-premises and cloud infrastructure is critical to seamlessly delivering modern workplace services to any device, anytime, anywhere. Modern Workplace solutions enable your employees to securely connect, collaborate, and work on any device, anywhere – appropriate for today’s hybrid work environments.

Hot Desking: Hot desking is a hybrid workplace management solution where employees use available desks at different times on a first-come, first-served basis. Hot desking maximizes space utilization, improves desk efficiency, and reduces real estate costs. Another critical feature of hybrid workspace management solutions is space management which helps automate the process of finding available space and reporting on space usage. This data helps facility managers get a real-time view of space utilization.

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Visitor Management System: The visitor management system is a technology that tracks visitors (such as clients, vendors, couriers, and so on) entering your office. Conventionally, visitor records were kept in hard copies. The workspace management system allows you to monitor visitors who enter your buildings, campuses, or other facilities. Access control is an important part of the visitor management system that regulates who can view or use your resources. It is designed to minimize organizational risks.

Meeting Room Booking Solution: A meeting room booking solution allows users to book conference rooms, manage their schedules, check amenities and even automate the sanitization process in a hybrid workplace.

How do Hybrid Workspace Management Solutions by Workctrl help your workspace and employees?

Data-driven decisions: The main advantage of a hybrid workspace management solution is the availability of real-time data. For instance, companies can identify unoccupied spaces that improve space utilization. Per the insights, the company can convert the area into a meeting room, collab zone, or even a snacks bar.

Robust reporting: Data helps your administrative staff spot workflow patterns and understand and fix bottlenecks before they become more significant. An integrated hybrid workspace management system would gather data, analyze it, and provide robust reports.

Automated room booking: Employees can book or cancel workspaces via a mobile app. If a no-show or cancellation occurs, the desk or room will be moved back to the open pool. It helps reduce wasted space and optimize long-term real estate costs.

Improve transparency and productivity: Multiple enablers are required to build a sustainable hybrid workplace. Productivity and collaboration features, workflow, approval and tracking capabilities, and security access patterns are some of the key elements that are a must-have in the new normal.


Organizations that capitalize on these advantages are better equipped to make data-driven decisions, improve performance, and achieve new standards of success in facility management. Implementing a hybrid workspace management solution is the first and critical step toward building an integrated digital workspace. The workplace of tomorrow is agile and adaptable. It incorporates hybrid policies with hot desking, access to control and visitor management, space reservation, and simultaneously making the space safer for employees returning to work.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder, CEO & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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