RailMitra adds AI and machine learning programs to provide customized solutions for travel planners


When it comes to Indian Railways, no word can describe its vastness. Akin to the official mascot Bholu, Indian Railways indeed is the elephant of the transportation world. Spread across the length and breadth of the country, railways carry 23.9 million Indians daily covering 1,21,407 Km of total track. It is also the fourth largest railway network by size.

Admittedly, such a huge network needs a robust management framework, corroborated by turnkey technologies. This is where the brand new AI and machine learning-powered RailMitra app comes to the rescue. The RailMitra app is a one-stop solution to all the traveler requirement. And as the name suggests it is the virtual friend of every railway passenger.

This article attempts to take a closer look at the innovative app. Here’s more.

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GPS-enabled Live Train Status and PNR info

The RailMitra app enables users to track live train status with the help of GPS technology. Additionally, the app also offers PNR status information and comes with an offline timetable feature. This implies that a user can check the timetables of various trains even in the absence of the internet.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Aligning with the current technology trends, RailMitra combines AI and machine learning to provide customized solutions that befit the travel plans of an individual. RailMitra founder Nitish Kumar says “RailMitra won’t be like every other app one usually downloads for PNR status updates. It would be a single app for all your train travel needs. It would offer a complete package powered by data algorithms.”

In India’s road to digitization, RailMitra offers the right mix of technology, innovation, and applicability. With such applications cropping up every day in the Digital India landscape, the future of technology certainly looks bright.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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