Microsoft partners with CarveNiche Technologies to provide AI-based maths teaching to school students

To provide an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based math teaching for the school students, A Bangalore-based EduTech company CarveNiche technologies on Friday announced that “It has partnered with Microsoft Corp to design a new Artificial Intelligence-based math learning programme called beGalileo for school students.”

The company said that “beGalileo will use the AI technology to collect and analyze the information and customize learning to serve each student according to the performance.”

“The programme will cover more than 300 concepts on topics ranging from numbers and operations to algebraic thinking, geometry, data handling, measurements and many more,” the company added.

Talking on the partnership Avneet Makkar, CEO of CarveNiche Technologies said “Our product ‘beGalileo’ is highly personalized Math learning programme for K12 education, and our motto is to help every child to fall in love with Math and the partnership with Microsoft will help us to reach a wider network and would be an ideal combination of Microsoft’s advanced cloud infrastructure and CarveNiche’s rich academic content and technology.”

Alok Lall, Partner Technology Lead, Microsoft India added: “Microsoft partnership with CarveNiche Technologies is in line with the commitment to promote STEM education.”

“Simple to integrate AI services on the Microsoft cloud will allow CarveNiche’s solutions to make learning accessible and personalized for each child,” Alok added.

With the partnership CarveNiche will also access Microsoft Azure cloud’s AI services to enhance the solution as well as to make it suitable for Math Curriculum in other parts of the world.


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