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BetterHalf Ai tie-ups with TTC Labs by Meta



Betterhalf.ai has announced its partnership with TTC Labs an experimental data design and data governance initiative, initiated and supported by Meta.

Under the collaboration, Betterhalf.ai focuses on innovative product development around AI/ML practices. It has received support from industry and government leaders, including Meta, Open Loop, and TTC Labs, including design partner Craig Walker, and Singapore’s IMDA.

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Commenting on the partnership, CEO of Betterhalf.ai, Pawan Gupta said, “We are delighted to partner with TTC Labs that has not only helped us focus on innovative development of AI but also help us to drive innovation in people-centered approaches to privacy and data.”

Furthermore, Betterhalf.ai contributes directly to shaping and better informing the AI governance debate by engaging with a vibrant community of AI companies, including Meta and other industry peers.

Apart from this, Betterhalf.ai leverages the training, tutorials, toolkits, mentorship, networks, resources, and technical assistance provided by TTC Labs, Open Loop, IMDA, and their partners. It will be publicly acknowledged as an India-based industry leader in the area of Responsible AI and share a stage at a key global forum.

“The hypothetical prototype that was co-created for Bettehalf.ai as part of our project demonstrates some of the key possibilities of designing for Al explainability. Their solution is embedded in the user flow and introduces Al product controls early in the user journey. The solution helps cultivate their users’ understanding of how the Al works and builds trustworthiness in the recommendations it makes.”, said Adam Bargroff, Public & Privacy policy manager, Meta.

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Betterhalf.ai is responsible for demonstrating the value of the AI system to users. It brings awareness to its users when AI is involved to power the service concerning using personal data, providing relevant privacy and data use information. In addition, there can be exclusive workshops and seminars focusing on relevant areas of their service to leverage AI and maximize people’s understanding of data-driven services. Being India’s first matrimony app without the direct intervention of parents, Betterhalf.ai has been shortlisted for people-centric approaches and algorithm explainability.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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