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“Decisions to be made by the local school districts” Jen Psaki on online learning



During the press meet at The White House, Press Secretary, Jen Psaki on Monday said, “Local School districts need to make the decisions that they feel are appropriate.”

In a question asked by the reporters on the administration views on “whether local districts should revert to virtual learning.” Jen Psaki said, “We continue to believe that local school districts will need to make the decisions that they feel are appropriate for their communities.”

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“Our objective and the President’s objective is to keep schools open, and 99 percent of them are open. And we believe we have the tools to do that,” Psaki said.

“One of the steps we’ve talked about a little bit is “test to stay,” which is a proposal that’s been out there by several health officials where if your kid is in school now — and you probably know this, and I know this — and they have a close contact, typically they have to quarantine or be out of school,” She added.

Adding to the statement, Jen further said, “There have been health experts who have recommended that there can be a contact tracing and testing regimen that can allow kids to stay in school. And that is very intriguing to the President. And that is what our focus is on.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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