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“We defer,” Jen Psaki on Federal Reserves ‘Peak Inflation’ projection



The White House (U.S) Spokesperson, Jen Psaki said, “We defer to the Federal Reserve and their assessments that they make, as they make predictions about inflation.”

Briefing the reporters on Friday, Psaki said, “They are predicting, as outside economists are, that inflation will come down next year.  So, we would defer to them, as would the President.”

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“I have not had a chance to speak to him, post his comments, because it was just short, not so long ago.  But I think what he is thinking, as he went on to articulate, is what we’re doing to lower costs for the American people.  And that’s how he sees it,” She said.

It is of course, “inflation” is a term we use here, we use at the Federal Reserve a very important economic term.

Further adding to the statement, Psaki added, “The way the American people experience this at home is cost and what things cost.  Whether it is the cost of gas or natural gas, heating your home or putting gas in your car, we’re seeing those prices come down; or whether it is buying a car, again, we’re projecting those prices will come down.”

“We’re working to bring the cost of food down. So, we are seeing those move in a good trajectory and a good direction.  And I think that’s how he was articulating,” she added.

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Earlier, President Biden said, inflation may be at its peak right now.


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