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Wonder Robotics secures $4 Mn in series seed round



Wonder Robotics, an Israel-based drone manufacturer, has announced that “It has raised $4 million in series seed round funding led by Elron Ventures, in conjunction with Besadno Investment Group.

The company plans to use the raised funds to scale up its operation and marketing efforts, and for developing its technology for additional applications.

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Speaking on the fundraise, Idan Shimon, Co-founder & CEO of Wonder Robotics said, “We are thrilled to take part in the drone revolution, by partnering with major industry players leveraging on our technology to launch their commercial multi-drone operations. Since raising the seed round, we have partnered with Spright, Air Methods’ new drone division, helping it realize its mission to improve access to urgently needed medical supplies for healthcare providers.”

Commenting on the investment in Wonder Robotics, Lauren Duke, Vice President of Business Development at Elron Ventures said, “Wonder Robotics’ founding team are true industry experts and have the knowledge and technical expertise needed to enable a market waiting to take off and establish WonderLand as an industry standard.”

Further talking about the investment round, Kobi Katz, Partner & CTO at Elron Ventures and Former CIO at Rafael said, “Our investment in Wonder Robotics is perfectly aligned to our strategy of investing in domains where we can provide added value, by leveraging on our strategic partnership with Rafael and its validation platform for deep-tech ventures.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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