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UP Government starts online clearance window to roll-out telecom infrastructure in the State



The Government of Uttar Pradesh on 14th June announced that “the government has started a single window clearance for rolling out telecom infrastructure in the state to expedite mobile networks and broadband connectivity.”

In a statement issued by the Tower and Infrastructure Provider Association (TAIPA) said that “The application for the permit can be submitted on the UP Government’s website which was launched on 14th June and the govt will also allow the application for online submission for procuring fresh permission and renewal of permissions.”

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While speaking at the launch on Friday, Dinesh Sharma, UP Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of IT and Electronics said: “The portal will help streamlining and speeding-up the permission process as well as helping in expediting the telecom infrastructure rollout across the state.”

“I appeal all the authorities to adopt and implement the Uttar Pradesh Right of Way rules, 2018 in their respective jurisdiction as it will help in shaping Digital Uttar Pradesh,” Sharma added.

Adding to the statement TAIPA’s Director General, Tilak Raj Dua said “The UP Government has taken a forward step in this direction by issuing a State Right of Way for the State that is aligned with Government of India’s Right of Way rules 2016, and having this workshop organized for the adoption and implementation of the said rules. These cumulative actions will help in developing ‘Smart & Digital Uttar Pradesh.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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