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Up brings AI to kitchens with India’s first smart cooking assistant, delishUp



  • The device features an 8″ touchscreen with guided recipes, WiFi connectivity, a smart cooking jar which can cook, stir and chop.
  • delishUp offers OTA updates ensuring feature upgrades and unlimited recipes.
  • The technology is aimed to reduce young Indian homes’ dependency on delivered cloud kitchen food.

BENGALURU, India, Feb. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Consumer hardware startup, Up launched its Smart Cooking Assistant, the delishUp. The delishUp aims to level up young Indians who are looking to cook more often at home. The 8 touchscreen displays a wide selection of recipes with super simple instructions and the smart cooking jar automates the tedious process of cooking including chopping ingredients and automating stirring. With the delishUp, ANYONE can begin cooking wholesome and healthy meals at home.

India's first Smart Cooking Assistant, delishUp

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The delishUp, powered by Up AI continuously monitors the food that is being cooked, be it Indian, Continental or Oriental. The Up AI has cooking models grounded in food science and is trained by expert home cooks, chefs and the 5000+ dishes that have already been cooked on it by a diverse set of consumers. Offering never before abilities like Pausing cooking and Active cutting. The product offers different blade settings that allow it to chop vegetables in various techniques – be it fine slices or chunky cuts. The algorithms on delishUp automatically stir food, with the blade doubling up as a spatula and tossing soft ingredients like Paneer and leafy vegetables. Up AI is rapidly learning from consumer input and preferences, constantly improving the cooking experience and the quality of recipes. These improvements are rolled out to all active devices, making all smart cooking assistants better with time and use.

Commenting on the launch, Mahek Mody, CEO & Co-founder, Up, said, “Technology is transforming the way we interact with our home appliances, making them smarter, more efficient, and more connected than ever before. With advancements in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and other cutting-edge technologies, home appliances should be able to do more. At Up, we want to be at the forefront of this transition and lead the way in creating innovative, connected appliances that truly level up our customers’ lives. Features like automated meal planning to health goals, integration with quick grocery delivery and portion control are coming.”

Founded by IIT-Bombay alumni, Mahek Mody (ex-Ather Energy) & Mohit Sharma (ex-Chaayos) the startup has already had hundreds of households across the country cooking with the delishUp and effectively reducing their reliance on online delivery. With the rising focus on healthy lifestyles and choices, the startup has identified that there are people who want to shift to home cooking but there lies a gap between what they want to cook vs what they can cook. The delishUp promises to make cooking nutritious meals easy, even for those with no experience in the kitchen. The product simplifies the cooking process by recommending recipes, providing guided videos for each step, and even suggesting plating techniques.

The delishUp is available for purchase at ₹21,999 via the brand’s website (www.upliance.ai). Up also offers prospective customers to purchase the delishUp at ₹17,999 through the Owner Community via referrals. Up continues to offer an at-home delishUp trial at ₹499 in Bengaluru and online demos across other cities.

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About Up:

Founded by IIT Bombay alumni, Mahek Mody, ex-Chief of Staff at Ather Energy and Mohit Sharma, ex-Head of Engineering at Chaayos, Up sits at the intersection of smart and connected devices and everyday consumer appliances. While working with Ather Energy, Mahek helped define the Ather 450x as a product and a platform. Mohit, Co-founder and CTO, was leading the engineering team at Chaayos. He helped the team at Chaayos build their own proprietary chai-making machines from scratch. Together they aim at enabling Indians to level up their daily lives through innovative products which will transform the mundane into something special. Their first upliance, delishUp has been tested in 350+ real Indian homes and kitchens and deliveries have begun in Bengaluru and other cities. Up is heralding the shift to home cooking, even for those with no experience in the kitchen, and is inviting everyone to participate in the experience, with a home trial at ₹499 in Bengaluru and online demos for other cities.

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