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Trends in the dark web



Dark Web has been a repository of all evil, blasphemy and notorious since its inception, with its evolving trends and cutthroat techniques chiselling out the worst in the public, it has continued stay alive with an alarming virality. By circumventing censorship in most countries, the dark web has steered away from limelight of the vibrant web surfing.

The platform stages several destructive acts dismantling the society with its immense power. Sales of siphoned data, Business of illegal drugs, human trafficking, ammunition shops and banking frauds are the few acts from its invasive lot that still persists.

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Data Breach and Ransom:

The data stolen by the dark web hackers from prestigious global brands has been exposed in the dark layers or used to threaten for ransom.

The recent case in prospect is the Colonial Pipeline breach which forced the company to close down their operation until they paid $5 million to Eastern European hackers on May 7th 2021. The massive breach held the supply of fuel to the East for several days until they decided to succumb to the pressure.

Air India’s data that got breached due to a cyber-attack on their data processor was also kept for sale by multiple vendors in Dark Web
Health care data is on huge demand due to the pandemics.

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Also, there were insights that a medical report belonging to Indian Covid patients were kept for sale in Dark web platforms few weeks before According to some researches the percentage of drug listings have risen up to 495% during the pandemic as the street-dealers shifted their stores to dark web’s corners of malice.

On the May 3rd, a website called “Boystown”, quoted as ‘the world’s biggest child pornography website’, was shutdown with the German Special force arresting the criminals behind the hideous act. The website had mostly pictures of sexually abused toddlers which was shared among its registered members.

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As usual there is huge demand for Exploits and Malwares. Also, Data breach and its subsequent sale to popular video streaming services and social media is prevalent in the depths of the dark web.

Huge number of accounts belonging streaming services are regularly seen these days the pandemic has definitely aided the dark web to grow and prosper.

With maximum people restricted to their homes and idlehood spawning in their vacant lives, the dreadful minds might find their way into the ridiculous cavities leading to the Dark web.

Stringent laws and active monitoring by zealous organisations are the only chances we have as a community against such an overarching villainy disturbing the well-being of humanity.


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Nandakishore Harikumar
Nandakishore Harikumar
Nandakishore Harikumar is a CEO & Founder of Technisanct.

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