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Speedcast globally adopts Nokia’s private wireless solutions



Leading communication and IT service provider, Speedcast International Limited has announced its long-term partnership with Nokia for the adoption of its industrial-grade private wireless solutions globally through Nokia Digital Automation Cloud.

In a press brief, the company said, “Through this new collaboration, Speedcast is providing remote backhaul, data, and voice connectivity to enterprise customers, covering areas of up to a radius of 30 KM and supporting hundreds of users from a single cell. The network will also support the critical high-bandwidth application with low latency requirements.”

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Speaking on the partnership, Stephan Litjens, GM – Digital Automation at Nokia said, “Nokia digital automation cloud meets stringent requirements across multiple industries to deliver network coverage, capacity, mobility, reliability quality of services and security. While connecting a wide variety of devices.”

“By integrating with the SpeedCast we can significantly improve local connectivity in remote locations,” he added.

Adding to the statement, Chriss Hill, Chief Technology Officer at SoeedCast said, “Nokia is a plug-and-play platform optimized for low latency and ultra-reliability, which are critical factors for remote communication.”

“Bringing this technology to our customer remote sites will enable the use of bandwidth-intensive, and low latency such as CCTV video analytics, drone surveillance, and personal push to video application. This is a game-changer for customers who need to keep personnel safe and operations running effectively hard to read locations such as the energy and mining sectors,” it added.

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Krishna Mali
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