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Spark Studio draws undisclosed amount from Better Capital



India based edtech startup Spark Studio has raised an undisclosed amount from Better Capital.

“The startup plans to infuse fresh funding for building a strong team to develop the tech platform to deliver a superlative experience and to develop best-in-class curriculum and content,” the statement said.

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Speaking on the fundraise, Anushree Goenka, Co-founder, and CEO, Spark Studio said, “Extracurricular learning is an unstructured and fragmented market. Parents typically rely on teachers in their hyperlocal communities. This is logistically difficult for parents, and usually not pedagogically sound, & in the current environment, less safe. We have a razor-sharp focus on building a top-notch learning experience, and going deeper in a few categories.”

“We invest deeply in how things are taught, rather than just aggregating teachers. For instance, in our music class, students learn to not only perform but also compose music right from the beginner level. Great pedagogy makes a huge difference in learning outcomes”, said Goel, Head of Curriculum.

“Over 50% of our students are signing up for a second course with us! We’re obsessed with customer experience, and are building levers to add delight for the learners through the learning journey,”  Khade said.

Speaking on the investment, Vaibhav Domkundwar of Better Capital, said, “Spark Studio is addressing a very large global problem of access to high-quality extracurricular learning that is a closed-loop, measurable and comes with a clear roadmap for children and parents. Anushree, Namita, and Kaustubh have not only got the core right, but they are also one of the highest quality teams in the space. I am excited to partner with them and to watch their vision unfold.”

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