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Skill Lync partners with Ansys for free online courses on Electric Vehicles



E-learning platform for engineering education, Skill Lync has announced its partnership with Ansys to provide free online courses on Electric Vehicles to Indian students.

“The courses cover different mechanical and electrical aspects of simulations with respect to an electric vehicle including design & simulation, and selling up of the charging infrastructure,” the statement said.

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“As part of this partnership, Ansys has provided access to several software to create an introductory course to understand the basics of electric vehicles. The course enables students with essentials in the fundamentals of Ansys Fluent®, PExprt, SI Wave, Maxwell®, and Icepak. The duration of this course is 8-12 weeks. Students can complete the courses using the Ansys student version of the software available free of costs,” it added.

Speaking on the partnership, Surya P, Co-founder & CEO, Skill-Lync, said, “There is no other platform in the world that focuses on teaching in-depth technical skills to non-software engineering students the way we do. We strongly believe that EV will play a significant role in the future of the world and these students will be building tools that will help Electric vehicle OEM’s and their suppliers predict and simulate real-world scenarios through Ansys products.” 

“Our courses are designed based on the assessment of the current and the future needs of the job market. Our partnership with Ansys allows students to learn through one of the best simulation platforms in the world,” Surya added.

“The Basics of Electric Vehicle Simulations course is designed to give students a walk-through on how different EV components are engineered using simulation. The course covers everything from the design of key components to, basics of battery thermal management and computational fluid dynamics. It is split into 4 components wherein each component deals with one particular aspect of an Electric Vehicle. The 4 components which are covered include Battery Thermal Management System, Electric Motor Design, DC-DC Converter Design, and External Aerodynamics,” the company said.

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“Ansys has always been committed to the skilling of future engineers and Electric Vehicles are the future. Multiphysics simulation simultaneously considers key physical aspects involved in the design of an EV. Ansys is happy to play our part alongside Skill-Lync in ensuring that engineers of tomorrow are well equipped with knowledge about EVs. Our simulation technology and the software will aid in the same,” Mr. Rafiq Somani, Area Vice President – India and South Asia Pacific, Ansys, said.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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