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Servo Motor Drive: A Comprehensive Insight



The term servo motor drive refers to an error-sensing feedback control used to improve a system’s performance. DC motors with a servo motor drive mechanism for precise control of angular position are known as servo or RC servo motors.

Some servos can rotate a full 360 degrees or more. They do not spin continuously and can only rotate within the boundaries of the set angles. Simply put, the servo drive instructs the motor drive in minute detail as to what to do, when, and how to do it.

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Difference Between Servo Motors and Servo Drive

Due to their frequent use together, a servo drive and servo motor may appear almost identical on the surface. They each play distinct but equally significant roles in automation in practice. So, what distinguishes a servo drive from a servo motor?

Servo Motor

Let’s examine what a servo motor is and how automation uses them. A self-contained electrical device known as a servo motor efficiently and precisely moves and rotates machine elements.

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The control circuit, servo motor, shaft, potentiometer, driving gears, amplifier, and either an encoder or a resolver are the main components of a closed-loop system, which includes servo motors. To put it another way, a servo motor powers robotic and other automated applications.

Servo Drive

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Now that we are familiar with servo motors let’s examine servo drives and their applications in automation. By precisely calculating the path or trajectory required and communicating command signals to the motor, servo drivers are in charge of controlling motion.

Servo drives can manage torque, the major parameter they control, along with velocity and position. Servo drives quickly instruct the servo motor on what to do and how to accomplish it. We wouldn’t have many of the incredible tools and goods we do today without a servo drive instructing a servo motor what to do and how to accomplish it.

How Does a Servo Motor Drive Work?

The four fundamental parts of a motion control system are a motor, a drive, a controller, and a feedback mechanism. The servo motor drive receives the controller’s instruction signal. It modifies or amplifies it to deliver the precise voltage and current needed to cause the motor to move in the desired direction.

The servo motor drive then regulates the current to generate torque; however, it may also control position, speed, and torque based on the various voltages and currents. Servo motor drives are, in other words, the servo system’s nervous system.

The system becomes a closed loop through this reading and responding to the feedback procedure. Due to the way it works, it is essential for quick coordination between CNC components; if the servo drive fails, the CNC machine will not operate properly.

Their primary function is to provide the engine with as much information as possible. To better understand how a servo motor drive works let us look at the sequence in which it relays a signal.

  • A command signal is sent via the control panel.
  • The servo motor drive takes in the signal.
  • To cause the servo motor to move, the servo motor drive amplifies the low power signal.
  • A sensor on the servo motor sends a feedback signal to the servo motor drive informing it of the motor state.
  • To match the initial signal, it receives from the control panel; the drive modifies the voltage’s frequency.

Rely on the Premium Services of a Leading Electric Provider

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