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PinkTech Designs launches Digital Sanitisation Audit System to detect virus



PinkTech Designs, an IT Innovation company, founded by Ph.D. scientists from the USA, has recently launched DSAS or Digital Sanitisation Audit System, supported by the Government of India, that can detect whether your hands are really clean and germs free or not, which is ideated and developed by an 8-year-old student Meer with the help of his sister Mira and father Dr. Kanav Kahol.

Digital Sanitisation Audit System (DSAS) is an innovative technology that helps in identifying whether we are adhering to the hygiene protocols or not. The fabulous idea of the 8-year-old was to invent the machine that could tell us if our hands are adequately clean or not. Fortunately, Pinktech Laboratories got a chance to hear about it and contribute.

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DSAS innovation, supported by BIRAC, Department of Biotechnology, Government of India with the funding of Rs 50 Lac, partnered by NU Verse, can now predict if the hands are germs free and properly sanitized, ensuring the breakage of Covid chain.

Speaking of the innovation Dr. Kanav Kahol, CEO, DIVOC Health by PinkTech Designs said, “We know that when we apply sanitizer, certain amounts of gases are leaked out of the hands. The idea behind DSAS is to catch a signature of these gases that are eliminated to know if the person has applied enough sanitizer for a sufficient time to be effective. To detect the signature, we included gas sensors in the device and along with the help of NABL accreditation, our hygiene officers in the laboratories could accurately check whether the samples we were receiving were clean or not. Based on the database we trained a neural network with 99.9% accuracy of predicting whether your hands are clean or not.”

“This is first of its kind noble technology that can immediately detect cleanliness and we are planning to take it to the international level,” he added. 

The DSAS innovation contains three major systems i.e RFID Attendance system, AI/IOT based hand sanitization detection system, and Sanitiser dispenser. It has a cloud-based sanitization audit where all the records are stored. This technology can be integrated anywhere and everywhere due to its user-friendly nature.

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