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Paras Aerospace partners with High Lander Israel to launch Universal UTM for BVLOS missions in India

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Paras Aerospace Private Limited, India, a subsidiary of Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited announces the launch of Universal UTM product for enabling Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) with High Lander, Israel. 

The association with High Lander will allow professionals and commercial establishments to enjoy best-in-class drone features, mission efficiency, and automation from preflight authorization to mid-mission changes and post-flight logs through an easy-to-use dashboard with the Universal UTM and Mission Control platform products.

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With increased volumes of Drone use, it is important to bring in products to support Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management or UTM. 

Drone traffic is a relatively new concept, but traditional aircraft have been slowly taking over our skies for over a century, and that industry can serve as a foundational model for understanding how the future of drone traffic will be managed. 

Universal UTM from High Lander is a complete airspace control platform that offers the next-generation UTM solution for managing increasingly crowded skies and enables efficient management of all aspects of airspace control with the concept of universal integration of diverse autopilots. The system can serve as an enabler for the BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) missions in India.

The High Lander Mission Control Platform gives complete control over the drone operations by solving the key obstacles limiting drone fleets. The platform builds, saves, and automates both recurring and ad-hoc missions through its intuitive operations center. It also controls all aspects of the missions from takeoff to landing. 

This allows for both complex and real-time tasks (including changes while in action), all from the comfort of the dashboard. High Lander cloud-based mission control platform is best suited for high-end applications such as drone deliveries and perimeter inspection. 

The drone can be operated from any location in the world with an Android/IOS Device connected to the drone or on-board installation of High Lander protocol for all commercial DJI drones, Parrot drones, Proprietary Autopilots, and Pixhawk based drones via the Internet. 

The High Lander Mission control platform provides a live feed from the UAV to the ground control station with complete access to flight mission data.

Commenting on the exclusive partnership, Pankaj Akula, CEO, Paras Aerospace said, “The UTM solution provided by High Lander offers the unique capability of Universal Integration by which multiple UAVs from diverse Autopilot and Ground Control Station Software can be managed. The system has already been tested in the BVLOS project in Israel. The collaboration showcases the growing strength of India Israel collaboration. The software-only technology integrates with any off-the-shelf drone and custom-built drones.”

“In line with the Indian Government’s policies for making India the Drone Hub of the World, Paras Aerospace envisions building the strongest strategic vision for India’s Drone Ecosystem by providing the crucial and relevant High-End Products,” he added.

“Our Universal UTM solution autonomously manages all of that traffic in real-time, giving it significantly more control than other systems that cannot do anything to ensure safe skies after takeoff. Clients around the globe have been using Technology Solutions to manage Robotic Aerial Security, Border Patrol operations, First Responders and Public Safety, Surveying and mapping along with Drone Delivery networks. The Indian Drone market has reported an upward trajectory and it is a great privilege to have a reputed partner in India like Paras Aerospace, a subsidiary of Paras Defence and Space Technologies Limited who has exhibited more than 30 years of excellence in delivering defense systems and exclusive manufacturing processes”, said Alon Abelson, High Lander’s CEO.

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