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New York based Startup Onna raises $27 mn in series B round funding from Atomico, Glynn Capital and others

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New York-based data integration platform Onna has raised $27 million in series B round funding from Atomico and Glynn Capital.

A new round of funding led by Atomico and Glynn Capital also saw the participation of its existing investors like Dawn Capital, Nauta Capital, and Slack Fund.

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In a statement issued, Onna said, “The fund will be used to grow its engineering, products, and partnerships to further develop its ecosystem of integrations and applications.”

“As a part of this investment, Atomico’s principal Ben Blume will join the board,” the statement said.

Founded by Salim Elkhou in 2015, Onna is a data integration platform that enables companies to integrate their workplace knowledge-based apps into one system. Onna works with companies like Slack, Facebook, Electronic Arts, Lyft, Fitbit, News Corp, Dropbox, and others.

Speaking on the funding, Salim Elkhou, Founder & CEO of Onna said, “Companies now rely on a host of powerful apps, from Salesforce to Google Suite. But the popularity of apps means more knowledge is being siloed and fragmented. Imagine how powerful it would be – not just from a risk and compliance standpoint, but from an insights and efficiency standpoint – if CIOs and employees were able to bring that knowledge together.”

“That’s our mission at Onna is to make the totality of a company’s proprietary knowledge accessible, useful, and secure. In other words, we’re not just helping companies find a needle in the haystack. We help them put the haystack together,” He said.

“Knowledge-based apps are those that go beyond raw data and focus on contextual human input such as emails, chat, documents, images, contracts, employee performance information, customer feedback, drawn from sources such as G-Suite, Slack, Salesforce, Dropbox, Confluence, Zendesk, and Workplace among others. Companies today use an average of 88 different apps to power their workforce, a 21% increase from just three years ago,” the statement added.

In a statement issued, Ben Blume, Principal at Atomico said, “Onna provides a powerful new way to unify workforce knowledge in one place and use machine learning to enhance, enrich, and make that knowledge usable through a technology we call a ‘Knowledge Integration Platform’, or KIP. Onna is unique because it is cloud-native and collaboration focused – it doesn’t matter if companies are integrating 20 applications or 200. Onna is also an open API, making all the organized content within an organization accessible with a simple search and making Onna a platform to build upon.”

“Finally, by helping companies discover smarter, Onna can help power data-led automation on issues from compliance to customer support and HR. With their unwavering commitment to innovation, security, and customer satisfaction, we believe Salim and his team are the best positioned to lead this new category,” Ben said.

Adding to the statement, Jason Spinell, Director of Slack Fund, “Since we first invested in Onna last year, Slack deployed their platform because it was the most robust, modern, easy-to-use eDiscovery product we evaluated and it worked seamlessly in Slack. Our IT and legal teams love how easy it is to connect new information sources without having to learn complicated query languages.”

“With this additional investment in Onna, we look forward to helping them realize their vision of building a knowledge integration platform that brings together all of a company’s sources of content, directly inside Slack,” Jason added.

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