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MediaTek selected for Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi 6E Certification program



MediaTek today announced it has been selected to be on the testbed for Wi-Fi 6E, a new certification from Wi-Fi Alliance for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™ devices with 6GHz support.  

MediaTek has both an access point wireless solution, MT7915-AP-AX, and a client-side wireless solution, MT7915-STA-AX on the testbed. These two testbed devices support unlicensed operation in the 6GHz and include many advanced Wi-Fi 6 features such as multiple resource unit (RU) sizes for optimal simultaneous OFDMA operation of multiple clients, along with other cutting-edge connectivity features.

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“MediaTek has the broadest Wi-Fi portfolio and is the number one Wi-Fi supplier across broadband, retail routers, consumer electronics devices, and gaming with its Wi-Fi solutions that power hundreds of millions of devices every year,” said Alan Hsu, Corporate Vice President at MediaTek. “With our access point and client-side solutions as part of the Wi-Fi 6E test bed for the product certification process, we look forward to helping our customers meet the latest connectivity requirements by bringing next-generation connectivity features to the products consumers love.”

Over the years, MediaTek has worked closely with the Wi-Fi Alliance to ensure MediaTek’s connectivity portfolio supports the latest Wi-Fi features. Now, in addition to supporting the unlicensed 6GHz band, MediaTek’s portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 chipset solutions with Wi-Fi 6E functionality supports 1024-QAM and OFDMA for enhanced performance, target wake time (TWT) for longer battery life, WPA3 for the highest level of security, and multi-user multiple inputs, multiple-output (MU-MIMO) for higher capacity. Plus, MediaTek’s solutions support many of the optional Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 R1 features, as well as Wi-Fi, CERTIFIED EASYMESH R2 features which have new traffic controls, improved security features, better spectrum optimization, and more diagnostic capabilities.

“Wi-Fi 6 devices with Wi-Fi 6E support offer several advantages over previous Wi-Fi generations, including lower latency and additional capacity and speed,” it added.

Devices utilizing Wi-Fi 6 connections in 6GHz are designed to make use of wide 160 MHz channels and uncongested bandwidth in 6GHz to deliver multigigabit, low latency Wi-Fi for a better connectivity experience. This enables better support for cutting-edge applications such as unified communications, AR/VR, and even holographic video.

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