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KwiK.ID completes 1,00,000 video based KYC sessions in six month



India’s leading AI-enabled video KYC solution provider, KwiK.ID on Thursday said, “It has crossed over 1,00,000 successful video KYC sessions since February 2020, with an 80% user rating and overall NPS score of 90.”

In a statement issued, KwiK.ID said, “Since, the pandemic has shattered in-person customer identification to a large extent over various sectors of customer onboarding. The company has witnessed a significant surge in its Video KYC sessions volumes, with over 85% completion rate.”

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Speaking on the development, Monish Salot, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of KwikID said, “Design and technical excellence, and superior performance has led us to reach such a wide audience in a short duration. Our product is naturally scalable to 100x of the current volumes. We always strive to do better than before and aim to fulfill the needs of today’s businesses and audience by staying relevant to them.”

“The platform is expecting a 300%+ growth in daily sessions from November, as most institutions have shifted their customer onboarding tracks online for a seamless, accurate, and remote process, and as the businesses open up,” the statement said.

Adding to the statement, Abhishek Joshi, Co-founder and Product Manager of KwiK.ID further added, “The pandemic has taken a toll on every aspect of our life and we need to come up with digital solutions to keep going. Kwik.ID Platform will continue to simplify the otherwise tedious process of safe and compliant customer onboarding and customer engagement.” 

“In today’s time, every time you get a face to face interaction with a customer, you have to make it count. It is not just about KYC. It’s about a memorable experience as well,” Abhishek said.

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