Karnataka state I.T Minister K.J George wants Karnataka to be the first choice for innovation and global technology


Talking about the Government vision for the state at Bangaluru Tech Summit, K.J George said: “ Our vision for 2020 is to make Karnataka, to be the first choice of innovation and technology globally and therefore, all our initiatives are aimed at driving and strengthening the innovation and startup ecosystem in the state.”

I.T Minister in Karnataka Government, K.J George recognized Karnataka to be the first state in the country to keep up with the increasing rate of advancements in Information Technology (IT) and Biotechnology (BT), animation and gaming. The credible fact that the emerging disruptive technologies were taken into notice and worked upon while framing the rules for the IT, BT, electronics, animation an nd gaming sectors.

K.J George said “Karnataka has also been taking initiative measures to boost the creation of new tech markets. Karnataka has aimed to house 20k startups and generate a revenue of up to $167 Billion.”

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“And to meet the actual policies, The government of Karnataka has now launched a campaign called Innovate Karnataka to promote and boost innovation and technological impact on the state,” he added.


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Ashna Khose
Ashna Khose
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