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Internet of Things, A common dilemma which comes into the mind of most millennials is if they really need their microwave or coffee maker connected to the internet?

A roll back to millions of years for a human existence believed to be from the apes, Humans before we were moving into lavish villas or high-rise apartments, we all used to live in forest and our DNA is coded that way.

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When we go on holidays there are two types of people, we generally say mountains or beaches, and this is due to the nature of our true existence lies within nature.

IoT allows us to re-create the true human connection with nature within our living spaces. Here’s a perspective.

According to the health specialists, Green is a color which codes your eyes when you wake up in the morning. A specific green hue makes the reactions in our bodies as we lived with that color for millions of years. But, with the current lighting around us is either white or orange. With IoT, we can enable the “green” colored lights in a single click.

Similarly, as humans we have different mood sets and with IoT the right hue for the right mood can be far more effective than a lot of things. 

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IoT as technology, is a direct combination of things around us connecting to the internet.

A basic flow of an IoT Is defined in the below diagram 

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In IoT, there are four different communications and unfortunately all these communications are independent, making IoT a complicated solution to devise. 

  • Devices communicate with the Controller
  • A Controller is the heart of the IoT which is a smart piece of hardware embedded with signal processing for different communication protocols
  • A device acts upon as a slave where controller sends the message and device receives it and act accordingly
  • In IoT devices communicate in Zigbee, Z-Wave frequency of 2.4GHz and 915MHz respectively many other devices also use RF
  • Due to the microprocessors and nanotechnology, there are handful of devices with Wi-Fi or BLE.
  • A Controller receives the messages mostly in the network-based protocols BLE, UDP, TCP from the router
  • This controller converts the messages into device level communication and sends the message for performing the action
  • Controller connects the devices to internet via router
  • This process is fairly simple as being used from the history of internet. 
  • Controller when connected to router, relationship between router to internet is just routing
  • Controller connects with the internet using specific protocol and the standard protocol used in IoT is MQTT (Message queueing Telemetry Transport)
  • This Protocol handles the process of processing the actions performed over the internet are safely delivered to the controller
  • Controller then again processes the messages to deliver them to device


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Divya Teja
Divya Teja
Divya Teja is a Co-founder & CEO of Smart Den

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