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NEW DELHI, Feb. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Grynow Media Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading influencer marketing agency, has announced the unveiling of Vidzy, the country’s first short video production company.

Brands can use Vidzy to create scalable short videos to post on their websites, social media pages, and other platforms. Vidzy will enable marketers to draw in, attract, engage and educate their consumers through the use of captivating videos that are difficult to ignore. Consequently, assisting businesses in building their digital communities.

Vidzy stands out because it leverages over 2,00000 video creators from Grynow and has over six years of expertise in influencer marketing and content creation.

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Presently, marketers accomplish fantastic goals with video marketing, such as generating leads, efficiently engaging audiences, boosting dwell time, and so forth, Grynow believes that this will revolutionize the video and social commerce industries.

In the preceding five years, Grynow has worked with more than 1200 clients, including Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, PayTM, Groww, OnePlus, and several others. It has since conducted more than 3000 effectual influencer marketing campaigns for leading companies.

Vidzy, with its level of skills and competence, has the capability to be a real game-changer in the video commerce business, given that it is the first in India to capitalize on the influence of quality content creators on brands’ social media channels and websites. It is able to achieve this, by employing data-driven approaches and key performance indicators to anticipate what type of content works for brands versus what does not.

Vidzy’s video content developers create informative and appealing videos for brands to use as organic videos, promoted Ads, and product branding with niche-based industry tastemakers. And, while every new launch is supposed to include an element of surprise, the one with Vidzy is no exception. The intriguing aspect of Vidzy is its pricing structure which offers services for as little as Rs 10K.

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In recent years, short videos have been increasingly popular across almost all industries and have established themselves as profitable marketing tactics for interactions, customer acquisitions, and revenues. With the help of Vidzy, companies can use the effectiveness of short videos to boost brand recognition, return on investment, and efficient reach, creating a completely fresh source of income.

With this reasonable overview of what Vidzy is all about, read on to learn more about the services it offers.


  1. Appealing videos for a company’s webpage or social networking platforms to build brand recognition to inform, draw in, and engage with potential and current customers, can be a mighty marketing pillar.
  2. Using effective video advertising to market products and services tailored to the consumer demography and characteristics of the brand in order to increase influencer brand connection while lowering acquisition expenses and increasing ROAS.
  3. Real video testimonials from satisfied customers that highlight brand transparency and customer satisfaction to establish credibility with potential customers.
  4. Videos that explain products to audiences and showcase specialised influencers who are recognised experts in that field by e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, and others.

All this with the assistance of significant industry experts.

With more than 3,000 clients on board, Mr Washib Khan, the founder of Grynow, and his team have indeed reinvented the influencer marketing segment.

Mr. Washib’s response when asked why and how he came up with something as novel and exciting as Vidzy was, “In my opinion, every company will be using UGC videos in order to build a connection with their customers.

Before jumping on the bandwagon of the video commerce industry, I have been a part of the creator economy for more than 6 years and have intricately seen the video industry grow and transform from long format videos to short format videos.

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India’s total video market, including television and online platforms, will reach $18 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 9.5% from the current $11.6 billion, according to estimates by Media Partners Asia (MPA).

I believe that brands can also leverage the power of short videos in this growing ecosystem but there is no structured way on how to use short videos/UGC content to grow your brand, there is also a myth that getting short videos for your website, social media or for ads will be very expensive because companies like Amazon, Myntra are floating/pouring huge amount of money to create content for their platforms.

With Vidzy, we have structured the whole process of content creation using our huge network of influencers & come up with some powerful solutions to make it easier for brands to get maximum results leveraging the power of short videos in the most cost-efficient ways.”

Vidzy now estimated to have a vital eureka moment in the video commerce and social commerce sectors by attempting to make UGC content creation for brands a very simple process so that they can take advantage of the potential of high-quality short videos, affordably.

With a solid team of content strategists and video market analysts on board, Grynow has already produced 10,000+ effective influencer marketing campaign videos in the past six months, providing a healthy ROAS for businesses and generating lakhs of views.

Nations are already using social commerce to a great extent, like China and the US. Chinese businesses make almost 350 billion Yuan in sales each year thanks to the 925 million monthly users of short video platforms, according to Statista.

Vidzy is prepared to help businesses turn their social media platforms into a solid pillar of their marketing strategy as India has already adopted new video marketing trends. From gathering original ideas to creating appealing video scripts, Vidzy wants to serve clients at every level aesthetically and strategically in order to optimize their video commerce experiences.

About Grynow Media

Grynow Media Private Limited is one of the top marketing companies in India. Their unique marketing team, which has generated over 3000 successful brand campaigns, regularly studies market dynamics to develop suitable content strategies for businesses.

Media contacts and their information – https://www.vidzy.in/

Photo: https://techgraph.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Vidzy_Unvieling_copy.jpg
Video: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1995426/Vidzy_Video.mp4


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