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Farm Bills 2020: Gnani.ai launches Kisan Awaaz Bot to share voice feedbacks of farmers



In a bid to allow Indian farmers to share their feedback and point of view on newly introduced Farm Bills 2020. India-based conversational AI company, Gnani.ai has today announced the launch of Kisan Awaaz Telephony Bot.

The company in its statement said, “The Kisan Awaaz Telephony Bot will be available in the Hindi language, and can be accessed by dialing 080-68100058.”

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“It comes with interactive response capability and will collect the feedback through a standard questionnaire,” the statement added.

Speaking on the launch of the bot, Ganesh Gopalan, CEO & Co-founder of Gnani.ai said, “The launch of Kisan Awaaz Telephony Bot is an important initiative in bridging the gap between technology and its adoption among masses.” 

“We believe speech recognition is a perfect example of how technology can be made used for creating a platform with a purpose (beyond commercials),” Gopalan added.

Adding to the statement, Ananth Nagaraj, CTO & Co-founder of Gnani.ai said, “Gnani’s in-house ASR and NLP engines will be used to transcribe and analyze every single interaction between farmers and bot and will be help derive significant insights into their current understanding and feedback or issues with the farm bills 2020.”

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“The Kisan Awaaz Telephony Bot has the potential to reach a larger audience in a short span of time and will understand the general opinion and feedback about the farm bills 2020,” Ananth added.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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