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Essential Tools that Your Budding Startup Needs



Every budding business – big or small – requires a lot of help in the form of technological equipment, brainy strategies, resources, workforce, reinforcements and most importantly a decisive and headstrong leader to guide them from the bottom itself.

[bs-quote quote=”Startups involve a lot of risk taking and calculative thinking. These tools just help in simplifying the overall work. Since startups in India have 90 percent chances of failure, these tools can come in handy during the initial phases.” style=”style-3″ align=”left”][/bs-quote]

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To make these bold decisions and take certain risks there are certain tech tools that are not just a helping aid but an actual godsend.

In this article, we’re going to unravel some of the essential tools that your budding startup needs. So, let’s begin.

Digital Marketing & Adword Tools.

Digital Marketing

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1. Alexa: So apart from being an entertainment assist, this AI assistant could build a website for your business with the right keywords and also advertise it broadly. Alexa provides the ideal foundation for digital marketing schemes. Alexa also has its very own ranking system called ‘Alexa Ranking’ that tells you whether your online performance is improving or staying steady. Hence, Alexa is a definite must-have.

2. Similar Web: It is more or less a carbon copy of Alexa, however, the Similar web additionally provides mobile app analytics. Apart from this almost, all its functions run parallel to Alexa’s but it’s better to have more tools for mixing things up and obtaining better results.

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3. Spyfu: Focusing solely on computer analysis, Spyfu is a software tool that provides a detailed report of your competitor’s domain overview, SEO overview, PPC overview, and other relevant information. Much like its name, this software spy on your competitor’s ad campaign, keywords they are utilizing and their every strategic move. Using the right tools individually could help reach incredible results faster.

4. Cloudcherry: It’s a CEM tool used to capture consumer information on any of your websites and can later be leveraged in multiple ways such as sending newsletters or email campaigns. Cloudcherry can also conduct surveys to record the way the customers feel regarding the product or strategy being advertised. It also works as a feedback cum lead generation tool which allows better interaction with the consumers.

5. Moz: A tech tool that could pivot your marketing strategies. Focusing on getting your SEO to work, Moz provides insignts into key metrics such as page authority and Domain authority. Alongside, Moz also tracks backlink growth and keywords on a variety of search engines. A rightfully configured campaign that delivers weekly reports to your managers will help you keep an eye on one of the most important activities of a startup that is often ignored.

6. Instapage: Despite how its name sounds, Instapage doesn’t refer to a page on Instagram. It talks about an instant designing tool, using which companies and startups could easily design their webpage and advertising campaigns. It makes the webpage completely user-friendly and makes life easier for businesses, especially for those that are starting from scratch.

7. Google Analytics: The one-stop solution that provides detailed insight into visitor behavior on your website. Accounting powerful data such as the number of people visiting your webpage, the demographics of these people and further information about these visitors from their IP address. It also provides information on how many pages these users have previously visited and about the webpage ads- whether they are paid or not.

8. Sidekick: A tool used for tracking open rates and click rates for the email sent to prospects.

9. Zoho CRM: this tool provides a platform where you can singularly integrate all the leads you generate. This helps to keep a track of records and analyze data easily by comparing.

10. Hoot Suite: A social media manager that helps you manage all your social media handles in one place.

11. Tweroid: Wouldn’t you just love an app or tech tool that advises you on when the best time would be to send out a tweet for that’s when all the forums you want to reach out to are at their peak? Tweroid does just that for you. It displays the time when your followers are most active and when your tweet would get maximum exposure.

12. Followerwonk: Stalking is too unprofessional and mediocre a word to describe this tech tool, but it’s exactly what it does. Keeping a track of all your followers and their accounts and when they’re best active, thus helping you maximize your startup’s publicity. It also assists you in finding influential users for your domain to engage with.

Moving onto Adwords tools, let’s start with an effective PPC (pay-per-click) :

Adwords Performance Grader is one of the best tools out there for PPC. Within a maximum limit of 60 seconds, it conducts a complete analysis of the account and highlights your strengths and weaknesses and provides suitable tips to compensate for those weaknesses.

Ubersuggest: With no requirement for an former training, Ubersuggest is an extremely user-friendly Adwords tool that shows you tons of keywords variations associated with the original term customized by the area you’re targetting. An excellent source for advertisers targetting geographic regions which have regional dialects they aren’t familiar with.

Soolve: How about a steroid-pumped google suggest for keywords instead of just the everyday google suggest? That’s exactly what Soolve is. Providing apt and super accurate keyword variations for the ones you’ve typed in, Soolve helps you visit new ads, platforms etc and explore different stuff under those certain words.

Mike Griffith’s Quick and Easy PPC Reporting Template: Reporting could be acknowledged as the drabbest part of any task which is inevitably necessary. With this template, Reporting won’t be such a drag as a report is made within a matter of just a few minutes.

Convertable: With this web-based tech tool, you can build your own tech page landing forms Which track each individual visitor’s source. This lead data is stored online and the platform provides tools to shred and analyze every single bit of the marketing campaigns.

SplitTester: A blessing for impatient marketers, this tool analyzes the data and predicts whether the ads will produce any different results in the long term. If the tool indicates a low chance of any different results, the test should be abandoned and new ideas must be considered. The test is extremely efficient and worth it.

Startups involve a lot of risk taking and calculative thinking. These tools just help in simplifying the overall work. Since startups in India have 90 percent chances of failure, these tools can come in handy during the initial phases.


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