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EdTech: In conversation with Sandeep Singh, Co-founder of Spayee



Speaking with the TechGraph on Friday, Sandeep Singh, Co-founder of Spayee said, “We have grown 5x in the last 11 months. As of November 2020, and we have helped our customers generate over INR 200+ crores in revenue through the sale of an enormous array of courses.”

Here is full expect: 

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TechGraph: What does Spayee look like these days?

Sandeep Singh: Spayee is a platform for anyone who can teach and anything that can be taught. Our vision is to help content creators with the highest quality, affordable and scalable technologies. 

We offer an all-in-one white-label course platform for content creators to create, market & sell their courses and our product is being used by more than 1000 customers in India and we have helped them generate more than INR 200 crores with online courses in the last 2 years.

TechGraph: What was the story behind the launch of Spayee? How it all got started?

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Sandeep Singh: We started our journey in 2014 when we got incubated and funded by TLabs – Times Internet. Initially, we started as a B2B company offering an intelligent eBook Platform to educational institutes & publishers. 

We got some of India’s biggest educational institutes & publishers on board as customers. While working with our early customers, we realized the need for a platform that wouldn’t just support e-books but play host to the entire gamut of multimedia content.

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Soon after our team worked on revamping Spayee, and realized that the market for online course platforms in India was almost completely dominated by global brands. This meant that there was a gap for a company dedicated to recognizing and resolving the unique challenges faced by content creators in the Indian ecosystem. A gap that Spayee was ideally poised to fill.

By the time we launched Spayee’s comprehensive Online Course Platform in 2018, it had achieved its true potential: helping course creators with the highest quality, affordable and scalable technologies, while directly addressing and overcoming the longstanding pain points of Indian course creators. 

TechGraph: What makes Spayee, different from other platforms, which are already available in the market?

Sandeep Singh: Spayee is a platform for anyone who can teach and anything that can be taught. Our course platform domain is dominated by global players like Teachable, Thinkific & Kajabi. But none of them focuses on Indian creators and there are many challenges for Indian creators. We are bridging that gap left by these global players. 

Spayee is a True all-in-one platform that offers everything you need to sell your courses in a single platform which broadly includes the Most Secured Course platform, Integrated Payment Gateways(Indian & International both), Marketing tools, Engagement tools, Landing Pages, White-labeled Mobile apps and Dedicated Support. 

In India only, we have more than 1 million content creators which include Individual Educators, Trainers, Coaches & Youtubers. And this market is still in its nascent stage and growing rapidly. It’s still day one for us. We have a huge potential & big market to grow ourselves. Also, we have a few customers from different parts of the world, and we have got great feedback from these customers. 

We believe that we have a great value proposition in the global market too. We believe that we have positioned ourselves quite well in the market as a premium product and that is why we have been able to stand out among the competition.

TechGraph: Can you shed some light on Spayee innovative product offerings?

Sandeep Singh: Spayee’s white-label platform helps content creators create & launch custom-built websites and supporting mobile apps for hosting, marketing & selling their courses. 

The platform allows creators to create course content in the form of audio and video tutorials, pdf documents, quizzes, assignments, and live classes along with automated payment gateways, sales & marketing funnels. 

Spayee allows creators to create a flexible pricing structure for courses, with the option to offer discounted rates, distribute coupon codes and choose between multiple validity pricing options as well as hassle-free payment integrations with country-specific pricing and multi-currency support. 

Spayees’s user-engagement and management tools, including live chats, discussion forums, and push notifications to help customers engage their audience and upsell their courses.

We are focused on the B2B segment. Here we have customers from different segments of Learning like Test prep, Skill development, Financial institutes, Yoga & Wellness Centers, Films & Music Training companies, Individual Coaches, Corporate trainers, Youtubers, and other niche categories. Having an all in one online course delivery platform allows us to also go beyond edtech.

TechGraph: The past few months have been challenging for businesses. How did you deal with the pandemic?

Sandeep Singh: Yes the past few months have been challenging for all of us. COVID-19 took a major hit at the Indian economy, leading to lakhs of job loss & spiked unemployment. To deal with the situation we had to reprioritize our product development pipeline with features like Live classes and communication tools taking priority. 

With the growing demand and customers, we doubled our team size within the lockdown itself.  We outsourced the hiring & marketing so that we can focus on core product & sales.

TechGraph: Have you noticed any rise or fall on your platform during this phase?

Sandeep Singh: The pandemic has been tough for everyone but fortunately has created opportunities for eLearning companies in the world. The kind of growth we were expecting in 1 year, we achieved in 4 months of lockdown. The whole eLearning market was changing rapidly and with that, we had to change our strategies to get the maximum benefit out of the market. 

We have grown 5x in the last 11 months. As of November 2020, we helped our customers generate over INR 200+ crores in revenue through the sale of an enormous array of courses. Spayee has become a trusted brand by India’s top educators, Youtubers, marketers, and trainers, with more than 95% of them going on to recommend Spayee to other course creators.


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