Consumer tech startup Homingos announces the launch of ‘ViBo,’ a print video service in India

Bangalore-based consumer-tech startup Homingos has announced the launch of its new service named ‘ViBo,’ a print video service.

In a statement issued, Homingos said, “Just like how the photo albums contain the photograph. ViBo – a ‘VideoBook’ allows people to capture and print the moments in video format.”

Founded by BITS Pilani alumni – Shourya Agarwal, Rajat Gupta, and Malhar Patil, Homingos is a consumer-tech startup that allows people to preserve, share and relive memorable moments and create deep connections through video and picture postcards.


Speaking on the launch of ViBo, Rajat Gupta, Co-founder – Homingos said: “Photographs for long have been used as a medium to recall all the beautiful memories from the past. Videos help you not just recall, but relieve the entire memory.”

“At homings, we are making secure and scalable technology to enable people to store and relive videos in the most convenient way. We have built highly sophisticated AR technology that can serve hundreds of thousands of concurrent users without any glitch,” Rajat added.

Whereas, Malhar Patil, Co-Founder – Homingos, said, “As ViBo is turning out as a means of digital engagement for the corporation. We are also publicizing via influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and seeing a lot of teenagers and families loving our product. ViBo will help people to preserve and relive their memories in a way they have never experienced before.”

Further, adding to the statement Shourya Agarwal said, “The idea behind launching ViBo during lockdown is compelling. We are all caught in a moment and period where history is being rewritten and all of us are knowingly or unknowingly writing it. But what started as a story of gloom and doom is slowly emerging as a journey of joy and memories of hope. We’ll never be so close to our families, kids, and life ever again.”


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