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China is now working 6G technology



To keep the dominance in the technology space, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology has announced that, “It has started its research on Sixth generation telecoms technology, and has set up a working group on research and development and general expert group in the country.”

The statement from the ministry has come after its meeting with “Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Chinese Academy Science on Sunday.”

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“The ministry will work with the general expert group and relative organizations to develop the research and development plan and explore possible technical directions of 6G technology,” the statement said.

Adding to the statement, Wang Xi, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, said that “As the global 6G technology is still in the initial stage of exploration, the key indicators and what role the technology will fill.” “Will promote the development of 6G with efficiency and openness,” he said.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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