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Best 5 Online PDF Converters



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PDF files have been growing in popularity for the past few years. In the past, devices would need a separate application to read and open them.

Fast forward to today, almost all smartphones and portable devices can process this kind of file. This makes utilizing pdf service over the internet become popular too.

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In case you would like to make switch your file to this format, there is plenty of online pdf converters that can do the job. You don’t necessarily need to download software for this task, as you can convert pdf files online with the use of an internet browser. Here are some of the best 5 online converters that you should check out.

1. 2pdf.com

One of the most popular online PDF converters is gaining popularity on the internet. 2pdf.com has both the basic and advanced pdf tools, including pdf conversion. You’ll be surprised upon visiting the site – it has a very easy user interface that even beginners will be able to utilize its functions.

To start converting a pdf file, choose a document from the directory or drag-and-drop. The tool will automatically process the file to pdf (if compatible), then will be given an option to edit the output. Download the processed file or export them to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. 

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2. PDF Converter

Just by reading the website’s name, you’ll immediately know that they are good at it. The process of converting files is similar to 2pdf.com, where it starts by uploading the file through the file directory, drag-and-drop, cloud storage, or from a link.

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It will automatically process the file to pdf, then download the processed file once done. You may have a hard time finding their website through search engines, as they have another domain name. Visit the site through freepdfconvert.com.

3. Smallpdf

Smallpdf could be familiar to those who are using pdf tools for a long time, they have a blend of simple interfaces with striking colors. The process of conversion is almost the same with the first two websites, which start by uploading the file, conversion, then download the converted file.

Those who need to process several files may need to choose another website. Smallpdf only offers free processing for 2 documents per day. Paid individual subscription price starts at US$9 per month.

4. SodaPDF

The SodaPDF process has slightly different processing steps. Upon visiting the website, start by clicking on the ‘Tools’ section with a star logo on the menu bar.

A list of options will appear where you have to choose the file type you want to convert to PDF and vice versa. After clicking the correct option, upload the file and the conversion will begin. Download the output file once done.

5. Online2PDF

This online PDF converter can also edit, merge, and unlock while doing the conversion process What’s best with this online tool is it can support more file formats than the standard websites.

The process is also the same which starts by uploading, click on the ‘Convert’ button, then download the processed file once done. Take note that there are limitations to the service as the maximum file size is 100 MB and all multiple files uploaded should only have a total of 150 MB.


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