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Adi Group partners with Crayon India to offer cloud services to public sectors



London-based Adi Group has announced its partnership with Caryon India to offer next-generation cloud services to public sector enterprises.

As a part of the partnership, the company will offer cloud solution services in Education, Healthcare, Defence, and Transportation sector.

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Speaking on the partnership, Sanjay Viswanathan, Chairman of Adi Group, said, “In a world of new normal, there is a fundamental shift in digital behavior as digital transactions become part of everyday life. Public Sector will be the largest share of this, and Governments (Central, State, and Local) will seek to forge closer partnerships with trusted cloud providers for their Govt-to-Citizen services. AdiGroup has made significant forays and investments in Technology and Engineering (AdiTech), Education (Ed4All), Healthcare (Adi Health+Wellness), and Defence (AdiDefence), with Transportation on the anvil.”

“Inclusion, accessibility, and social impact are at the heart of our strategy as we contribute to making emerging nations of today developed countries of tomorrow. With their global footprint, speed, agility, and shared vision, Crayon showed they can be our natural Partners in this impactful journey,” he added.

Commenting on the development, Sairam Jayaraman, CEO AdiTech said, “AdiTech as AdiGroup’s Technology and Engineering business unit, is excited to partner with Crayon in this next phase of our growth. We see them at the core of our Cloud Virtual Digital Lab offering, where we will jointly develop and deliver innovative cloud products and services for the Public Sector. As Ed4All, Adi Health+Wellness, and AdiDefence join other firms within AdiGroup to drive seismic shifts in digital behavior, AdiTech and Crayon will enable our Public Sector Customers and their End-users (citizens) to get a secure, seamless, and swift experience on the Cloud – and at scale.”

“We are delighted to partner with AdiGroup, and support them in their vision to enable Public Sector to get world-class benefits from Microsoft Azure, AWS, RedHat, and various other Cloud Solutions. Our Cloud Partnership and AdiGroup’s expertise in Education, Healthcare, and other sectors will enable AdiGroup to ensure citizens can benefit from reimagined cloud services that will give them superior experience with Government,” Abhay Joshi, Director Product Strategy, Crayon India added.

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Krishna Mali
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