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WriteSome Raises Pre-seed Funding of Undisclosed Amount to Expand its App to Mass Market



WriteSome today announced they have secured an undisclosed amount via their pre-seed funding round. WriteSome is a mobile app to discover and share original stories and poetry. The app has users in more than 35 countries with the highest number of users from the USA, India and Indonesia. The startup, with its team in India, Indonesia and Singapore, will use the funds to expand the team and for marketing. It not only lets users read and write stories & poetry but also helps amateur writers get published. The funding will enable WriteSome to expand the team and market reach and bring unparalleled performance to its team.

Arpit Sihra, Founder and CEO of WriteSome

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Arpit Sihra, Founder & CEO of WriteSome states, we are writers and engineers working for writers and readers. Our team believes that humans have always wanted to share their stories but have not been able to do it freely due to industrial, monetary and technological barriers. This investment will help us break each of these barriers and create a world where anyone can share their stories with the world whenever they want.

Founded in late 2021, WriteSome has solved two major problems for amateur writers: Firstly, “amateur Writing” has mostly been boring. You write something, share on social media, a few people like it, some comment on it and that’s it. There’s nothing more to the process. WriteSome’s gamification of the process makes reading and writing fun and brings the global writing community together in a fun way. Secondly, there has really not been an easy way for amateur writers to get published. WriteSome helps amateur writers take their first step towards getting published.

Kur, the company’s Indonesia based CTO says, “The most interesting thing about WriteSome is its gamification. WriteSome’s awards, Writer Coins (™), Medals and trophies make it a fun experience to read and write. Readers can give awards to writers as a token of appreciation which can later be redeemed for goodies. The app itself also gives medals and trophies to both readers and writers as they use the app and achieve certain milestones. Writer Coins are a new concept we brought to enable our users to bring real appreciation for talented writers.”

WriteSome has a fanbase across the globe. With the majority of its users in the US, the app is slowly becoming the preferred place to write and share for the global writing community. “We’ve been taking continuous feedback from our users. And one of the most interesting insights we got was the love and care the community members have for each other. Writers usually write to share their thoughts and when other people read and appreciate their work, they feel happy. We’ve received emails from users thanking us for making this app and they felt they really felt safe and appreciated as compared to being on other writing apps,” says Arpit Sihra, the Founder & CEO.

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“It was exciting to hear how WriteSome was working on making writing fun and the way they’re bringing writers, readers and publishers together. WriteSome solves some problems in a fun way and gives great opportunities to writers. But the thing that really impressed me was the fact that they have not spent a penny on advertising so far and have still managed to get a global user base that really loves the app.” says the investor who wishes to be anonymous.

WriteSome is already partnering with some of the biggest publishers in the country and also one of the biggest literature festivals in the world. These collaborations will help the startup in creating more value and giving great opportunity to amateur writers. With this round of funding and these strategic partnerships, WriteSome is all set to change the way stories & poetry are shared across the globe.

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About WriteSome

WriteSome’s mission is to make writing fun with gamification and to help talented amateur writers get their first professional opportunity. WriteSome’s vision is to become the most preferred app for writers and readers in the world by 2027. The company was founded by Arpit Sihra, a passionate writer who understands the pain points of writers and of the publishing industry.

WriteSome aims to change the way humans share their stories with the world. In the short run, it will encourage people to write and share their stories with the world, and in the long run it plans to create a whole ecosystem and bring stories to life in the form of books, short films, audio books, animation and through the Metaverse.

iOS App: apps.apple.com/in/app/writesome/id1576848768

Android App: play.google.com/store/apps/detailsid=com.arpit.writesome&hl=en&gl=US


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