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Wipro Consumer Care Ventures to fund —India, Southeast Asian consumer brands startup



India’s leading FMGC company, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting have announced a launch of its new venture fund called “Wipro Consumer Care Venture,” to fund Southeast Asia, and Indian startups in consumer brands space.

In a statement, the company said that “The venture will focus on the consumer’s brands. Which has a differentiated approach where both parties can learn by leveraging their strengths and add value to each other.”

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“And, to lead the venture, the company has appointed Sumit Keshan, Ex-Executive of Wipro, as the Managing Partner of the venture,” the statement adds.

Wipro Consumer Care, and Lighting, which operates mainly in personal care, skin care, home care, and Lighting categories. Will invest in new-age startups in digital, e-commerce, and other startups that adopts an innovative approach to reach the consumers.

Speaking on the fund plan, Sumit Keshan, Managing Partner, Wipro Consumer Care Venture said, “Our investment in ‘Happily Unmarried’ was our first step to establishing this venture capital fund. Apart from financial capital, what we bring to the table is in-depth knowledge of operations and the ability to scale up, and a strong understanding of consumers in India and South East Asia markets.”

“These would support startups in their endeavor to grow rapidly,” he said.

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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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