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Totality Corp draw Rs 13.5 crore from Leo Capital and Mayfield Fund



Totality Corp, a playable NFT gaming universe with a Confluence of Indian mythology in the gaming metaverse, has raised Rs 13.5 crore from Institutional Investors including Leo Capital and Mayfield Fund

The Web3 startup will utilize the funds for product enhancement, brand growth, acquiring the best talent in the business, and raising broad knowledge of the NFT games.

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Speaking of the funding, Anshul Rustaggi, Founder of Totality Corp said, “This initial funding is extremely valuable to us because it is going to support our aim of establishing one of the most unique gaming NFTs in India. We are combining innovation with interactive media to provide consumers access to Web3 gaming’s full potential.” 

“ZionVerse will bring superheroes and supervillains inspired by Indian Mythology. Indian Mythology has some of the richest content and we want to bring this depth to the world through gaming. Totality is attempting to create a holistic experience in which users can simultaneously play, earn, transact, and socialize,” Rustaggi added.

Talking about the funding in Totality Corp, Rajul Garg, Founder of Leo Capital, said, “We chose Totality Corp to invest in because of two basic reasons – first the venture is focusing on Web3 gaming, which is still in its early stages in India and has great potential. Secondly, the founder – Anshul has a great acumen, ability, team, and vision of what he is building.” 

“I most certainly believe that Totality will deliver the much-needed lift to the gaming ecology by bringing NFTs based on Indian mythology as crypto gaming expands. We are confident that Totality has the product that will completely transform the NFT gaming universe in India,” Garg added.

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Further adding to the statement, Nikhil Khattau, Partner of Mayfield Fund said, “We have been ideating with Anshul on interactive media ecosystems. ZionVerse is an innovative way to build communities for user-generated games platforms. NFT-based monetization is in its infancy and India has the opportunity to take the global leadership and we liked Totality Corp’s vision to build for the World from India. Totality Corp team has a strong blend of technological, design, game development, behavioral science, and art skills. We are very excited to partner with Totality Corp to create the future of decentralized metaverses.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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