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Hire Me Car raises undisclosed funding from U.S. based NRI investors



India-based digital discovery and services provisioning platform for the rental taxi industry, Hire Me Car has raised an undisclosed amount in series seed round funding from the group of U.S.-based Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) investors.

Speaking on the fundraise, Pankaj Sharma, Chief Evangelist, Hire Me Car in its statement said, “The Indian taxi rental market offers a large socio-economic opportunity for India, with more than 90% of the market falling in an unorganized sector and less than 5 percent of the independent taxi owners, and having access to the technology. We see a high potential for growth in this market.”

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“Our cloud-based solutions and digital transformation system would play a key part in digitally transforming this sector. As a socially conscious organization we see huge potential in the sector to generate jobs and make people economically self-sufficient,” he said.

Adding to the statement, Pankaj said, “Our fundraising during the difficult period of COVID-19 is a clear indication that the investors are bullish about the long-term growth potential of the Indian market. We see our partners in growth and it is a deliberate choice for us to raise funds through individuals and entities who share our common vision of socio-economic transformation in India.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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