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BigBasket Plans to Deliver Milk Alongside Grocery



Announcing its arrival in the milk delivery and smart vending machine space, the online grocery firm BigBasket acquires three major startups working in this arena, months after raising $300 million from Alibaba and other investors.

“BigBasket has taken over milk delivery startups namely RainCan and Morning Cart, alongside having controlling shares in vending machine startup Kwik24,” read a statement issued by the company.

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The move has come at a time when e-commerce giant such as Flipkart and Amazon are strengthening their foothold in the grocery space.

“The micro delivery startup acquisition really helps BigBasket in accelerating our need to bring fresh subscription services to our customers, daily,” BigBasket CEO Hari Menon commented.

“And Kwik24 acquisition gives us the ability to be closer to the customer by way of the BB Instant smart vending kiosks,” he added.

Branded as BB Daily, the milk delivery subscription will allow customers to order milk along with other essentials the previous night and have them delivered the next morning.

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Asides, smart vending machine will be installed outside residential complexes to make fresh milk available to all the subscribed consumers.

Currently, operational in Bangalore and Pune, the milk delivery wing has already garnered 20,000 plus subscribers and is expected to grow further.

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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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