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BarRaiser draws $4.2 Mn in seed round from 021 Capital & Global Founder Capital



India-based Ai-powered smart interviewing platform, BarRaiser has raised $4.2 Million in series seed round funding led by 021 Capital and Global Founder Capital in participation with other angel investors.

The startup plans to use the raised funds to expand the company’s geographic presence and enable BarRaiser to scale its engineering and data science teams to meet the growing demand for its SaaS and Interview community product (BarRaiser+).

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Speaking on the fundraise, Avinash Saxena, BarRaiser CEO and former founder of Roposo said, “We are working with 250+ leading tech companies and are seeing continuously growing demand across the globe. This financing round will help us expand our reach and make additional investments in technology that helps close the gap between talent and opportunity.”

BarRaiser’s AI-powered platform schedules candidate interviews around the clock, utilizing a global community of 800+ recognized experts from leading companies. Recruiters and hiring managers receive detailed assessment reports and recommendations, while job seekers enjoy a structured, personalized interviewing experience.

Commenting on the funding round, Sailesh Tulshan founder of 021 Capital said, “BarRaiser is creating an awesome candidate experience with their transparent and structured interview process. Companies can now hire at a significantly faster pace without putting pressure on internal teams. This has also helped them grow tremendously fast, with top brands getting access to the rockstar team of interviewers at BarRaiser.”

“In today’s hyper-competitive job market, being able to find the best-fit talent can make all the difference in the company’s success,” says Roel Janssen, Partner at Global Founders Capital.

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“By adding unbiased, data-driven efficiency to the recruiting process, BarRaiser helps growth companies hire people who can innovate, challenge the status quo and contribute to growth,” he further added.


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