DR Reddy: To avoid debris threat to global space assets, India chose lower orbit for A-SAT test.


A day after NASA raised its concerns about the threats of debris to global space assets by the launch of ISRO’s A-SAT test for ‘capability demonstration.”

Speaking at DRDO Bhawan on Saturday, DRDO Chairman, G Satheesh Reddy has said that, “We know the threat of the debris to global space assets and to avoid this India has chosen a much lower orbit of less than 300 Km during Mission Shakti for “Capability demonstration.”

“The interceptor could intercept satellites in orbit of 1,000 km”, he said.

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Speaking more on ISRO‘s A-SAT test, Reddy said that “An orbit of around 300 km chosen for the test for capability demonstration, and the purpose was to avoid the threat of debris to any global space assets.”

The statement from the Reddy had come at the time when NASA opposed the ISRO’s move by stating that “By shooting down one of its satellites into the orbit, India did a terrible thing” where hit-to-kill mission created nearly to 400 pieces of the orbital debris.”


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