WhatsApp appoints Ezetap CEO Abhijit Bose as India Head


Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp has appointed Abhijit Bose as the India Head.

A Harvard Business School graduate, Abhijit was the co-founder and CEO of an online money payment company called Ezetap.

The company in its statement said, “Bose will join the company in early 2019, where he will be focused on helping small and large business to connect with customers.”

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WhatsApp, COO, Matt Iseman said “WhatsApp is deeply committed to India and we are excited to keep building products that help people connect and support India’s fast-growing digital economy. As a successful entrepreneur himself, Abhijit knows what it takes to build meaningful partnerships that can serve businesses across India.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder & Editor of TechGraph

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