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Role of social media in marketing co-working spaces



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The steady inclination of small businesses, start-ups, and self-employed professionals towards co-working spaces has been accompanied by the increasing popularity of shared offices on social media.

With the advent of widespread digitalization, social media has emerged as one of the most effective tools to advertise and market co-working spaces; the platforms are cost-effective and easy to manage.

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Several surveys have indicated that with proper optimization of content and consistent presence on social media platforms, co-working operators can draw around 20-40 percent more traffic on their websites.

Most of the potential professionals seeking to take the co-working spaces on short-term rentals are either digital natives or digital immigrants; thereby, social media platforms play a strong role in reaching out to these professionals.

Here are some of the tips to effectively explore the social media platforms to market co-working places:

Profile management

Social media can act as the first impression of co-working places for many people and the promotions and advertising on such platforms should be proper and elaborative.

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To effectively market a co-working place, there should be mention of every detail like location, description, contact information, snaps of the space, etc. Various social media platforms offer several exciting features like Facebook offers a ‘Find Us’ map.

However, while advertising through multiple social media platforms, it is imperative to maintain consistency in the look and tone across all channels.

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Creating active community

Creating an active community through creative strategies like starting a regular hashtag or creating online groups becomes important for social media marketing.

Co-working spaces, whose target audience is diverse, community building is the key to encouraging dialogue and engagement among professionals from different domains. This will eventually establish the co-working space as a brand that stays actively connected with its members.

Member promotion

Having built a community, the next thing to focus on should be mutual promotion. Co-working site operators should keep promoting their members and their success, which in return will encourage the members to promote the co-working space from their end.

Advertising the business of the members on the co-working space network will attract other players in the same industry who can be prospective new members. Also, the promotion of the members will provide reliable and relevant content to keep active with regular social media feeds.

Location and audience targeting

Social media can be a major platform for highly focused location targeting as it allows optimization of ads and one can select to show ads to people in specific areas; especially because most people using a co-working space are local to it.

Similarly, targeting the audience can be an effective strategy to market through social media, since it allows targeting the people who can be prospective members and those who are preferable choices as a member.


Content is always a key aspect of any social media marketing strategy. For co-working spaces, the focus should be on sharing relevant content regularly, which will encourage the target audience to follow the co-working spaces and keep engaged on online platforms.

The ideal strategy is to share less self-promotional content and more relatable and useful content on social media. This will also give opportunity and reason for the audience to further share the content among their peers.


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